You, Me & HIFMB - Stories of Science and the Sea

In every episode, a new guest takes a seat across from Jan-Claas Dajka and talks to him about current research projects, curious anecdotes as well as paths, detours and companions in the (not only) scientific career. Jan is interdisciplinary postdoc in marine ecology and marine governance at HIFMB. Chatting with ecologists, geographers, bioacousticians, mathematicians and many more, he shows the interesting and diverse personalities behind the transdisciplinary research at HIFMB. The Helmholtz Institute for Functional Marine Biodiversity (HIFMB) is a research institute located in Oldenburg. It researches marine biodiversity and its importance for the function of marine ecosystems. In doing so, it develops the scientific basis for marine nature conservation and ecosystem management.

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Monday May 15, 2023

Mita Mahato is an artist who uses art to communicate environmental issues - especially via the use of comix - yes with an X! As our artist in residence in collaboration with the Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg Institute for Advanced Study, Mita reflects on the work she has done during her time with us.

Monday Apr 24, 2023

HIFMB postdoc Dorothee Hodapp is working on biodiversity change and is giving us insights into her recently published study in Global Change Biology. Here, she shows how climate change disrupts core habitats of marine species and predicts their ranges up to the year 2100. She further shares her recipe for successfully blending family life with two kids with a gapless CV in academia and her recent move into a permanent position in the sciene-policy interface. 

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Today we have Meren on the show. He is the leader of our institute's Ecosystem Data Science Group and considers himself and his group to be placed at the intersection between microbiology and computer science. Mentorship is an imporant topic to him - we talk through his survey Mentorship in life sciences: voices of mentees, where he asked early career researchers how the mentorship that they received affected them and their academic lives. As always, we also talk about Meren's very own academic live and how he got to where he is today. A super valuable episode for academic mentors and mentees alike!

Thursday Feb 16, 2023

Back from our winter break, we have Jana Massing on the podcast. Jana is a PhD-student in the Biodiversity Theory group and introduces us to her work on marine bacteria. Amongst her many interests, including food webs, modelling, governance and science communication, we chat about her recent paper. There she applies a manifold learning technique, called “diffusion maps” that allows her to gain insights into the functions that bacteria can play in the Baltic Sea.

Friday Dec 23, 2022

Gema Martínez Méndez reads her Scientific Fairytale "The Bremen Town Musicians set sail" from "Once Upon a Time – A Scientific Fairytale Vol. 1" that we introduced in Episode 11. Happy Holidays everyone! 

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